The term ‘Sustainable Development’ became popular following the Rio Summit in 1992 when world leaders came together to discuss what action could be taken to protect the earth’s resources and ensure that environmental issues were integrated into decision making, alongside financial and social concerns.

Today the term has been shortened to ‘Sustainability’ which has now evolved into the buzz word of the 21st century. It is a term that is frequently heard, especially within the media, but little understood. In essence it means the consideration of people, profit and planet in a holistic way.

One definition is “not cheating on our children”.

In business terms embracing ‘sustainability’ can be demonstrated through ethical trading, including a greater social conscience or becoming a ‘learning business’ through the integration of social and environmental issues into your main stream business management model.

Many organisations start by building on their environmental management system to incorporate more sustainable practices.

A sustainability audit through P Stanley Associates Ltd will enable a benchmark to be determined for your organisation, and help identify additional ways that your business can become more ‘sustainable’.

P Stanley Associates Ltd can provide ideas and a strategy to grow your organisation through more sustainable practices.